Clever Courtage was created in January 2013 by Jean Laurent Santoni to propose a unique way market offers related to independent and comprehensive treatment dedicated to lifecycle of IT, cyber and digital risks. Insurance broker specializing in IT, cyber and digital risk transfer, Clever Courtage is part of a comprehensive approach to develop risk governance involving consistency security, compliance, resiliency and risk financing using insurance solutions.

Courtage d'assurance

Insurance brokerage

Proactive, agile, Clever Courtage helps companies and public bodies by combining expertise in the field of risk, insurance and IT security solutions. It meets the needs of customers at the speed at which the risks grow and assists them in the mitigation of their issues.

Are addressed primarily the insurable risks of information technologies:
– in the area of Technology, Media, Telecom (TMT)
– the financial sector and banks (in line with Solvency and Basel Regulations)
– the area of dematerialization ( public, private)
– the industrial sector (M2M, SCADA)
– areas subject to exposure to new risks of data breaches (cyber risks regarding regulations about  personal data – privacy, health data, PCI DSS) whatever the sector.
All risks are addressed (property, liability, fraud). Clever Courtage has also developed a specific expertise in providing assistance to clients who engage a call for tenders for IT, cyber and digital insurance solutions. He acts as consultant for fees and not as a broker.


Fotosearch_k7594961_440Risk Consulting

Clever Brokerage provides consulting expertise for CEO, CFO and C Suite  aimed at:
– Corporate customers and public institutions
– collective organizations (unions, professional associations, group)
– Insurers and reinsurers, captive insurance and captive brokers

Corporate Finance
– Evaluation of TCOR (Total Cost Of Risk)
– Calculation of appetite and risk tolerance
– use of financial metrics and reinsurers (MFL EML)
– Assessment of the feasibility and profitability of technical Financial: allowance, retention, captive insurance or reinsurance captive drawer, mounting financial losses …
Risk Management
– Risk mapping, bottom-up approach and top-down, and COSO ERM link approach
– Business Continuity
– Crisis Management
– Specific Approach to Privacy and Cyber Liability
Information System
– IT risk analysis methodologies : Mehari, EBIOS, ISO 27, ERM
– Specific Approaches: risk mapping, data protection CNIL, health ASIP, financial AMF, ACP, card PCI DSS specificities
– Financing Plan Continuity – IT emergency plan (Business Impact Analysis)


Accompagnement_440Products and Services

Clever Brokerage developed for exposure to IT risk, cyber and digital, a specific offer to assess the consequences of choices to make in terms of insurability strategy and respond preliminary issues:
– What risk addressing, which ones were chosen, those who did not and why?
– What losses resulting from these risks, in terms of direct and indirect financial quantification?
– In light of these risks and losses to address, which ones are insured and those who are not?
– In view of insurable risks which insurance strategy should be and what would be the level of residual risk?

Clever Courtage offers additionally or separately a support for brokers and / or insurance Call for Tenders, on conceptual bases or interrogation of carriers in accordance with the AMRAE CSCA rules.
In this highly regulated framework, Clever Courtage organize on behalf of the client throughout the consultation and its count (Regulation and Tender Tender, management schedule, managements questions / answers for clarification, recounts and evaluation of tenders, preparation of selection grids and decision support).